25th youth festival Medjugorje 2014 - day 5

4. August 2014

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Early in the mornig, our group has set off to the sea. In the afternoon, we came back to Medjugorje to join the program, pray the rosary, take part at the holy mass and the eucharistic adoration. During night, we went to the hill of appearance.

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The brightness of God can rarely better be discovered than in nature, especially at the sea. After the hot temperatures at Medjugorje, the cool water of the sea was a nice alternation.

Back in Medjugorje, we had lunch. Then we joined the program. After holy mass, Jesus Christ was adored in the eucharistic sacrament. Priests blessed the faithful by going through the crowd with open hands.

During night, we went on the top of the hill of appearance. We were not alone there - incredible, how many people climbed up the hill praying the rosary.

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