25th youth festival Medjugorje 2014 - Mladifest - sunday

3. August 2014

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Sunrise on the top of the cross-hill, german service, visit of the House of Encounter and of the Community Genacolo - that was the program of the sunday.

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In the morning, still in darkness, we went to the cross-hill to pray the stations of the cross. On the top we spent time in silence to wait for the sunrise. Many young people were up there and prayed. In the wonderful atmosphere of sunrise we have prayed the laudes.

Being sure, that God is with us, we went down the hill. The holy mass was celebrated by Bishop Msgr. Dr. Marian Eleganti from Switzerland. In the House of Encounters of the Community St. Mary, Queen of Peace, Sr. Ivanka remembered the time of the first appearances of St.Mary at Medjugorje.

In the afternoon, we visited the Community Genacolo. Deep darkness and various ways back to light were exposed by members of the community. As usual, the rosary was prayed and the holy mass celebrated.

Then, a film on Fra Slavko Barbaric and the stage play of the Community Genacolo were shown.

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