A beautiful day in Sawtell / Lismore

11. Juli 2008

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In the early morning, we completed our knowledge in "australian language", we learned to greet. Our morning service we celebrated in the church of Marian Grove, a place, where only old people are settling.

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Today, we planted trees and bushes in the public garden of Sawtell - a rememberance of our stay in Sawtell and a "thank you" to all the host families! An old lady, born in Germany, told us, that she came to Australia 53 years ago. She was very glad, because after a long time she could use the german language in speaking with us!

Then, we went to the rainforest nearby and saw a lot of very old trees and plants we have never seen before. In the forest, we even met St. Francis - as a statue, but also in the person of P. Ignaz, a monk of our community who is with us.

In the dolphin park we saw a great dolphin show, and we could even get in touch with the dolphins.

The day, a very beautiful day, ended with an evening service in the spirit of Taize at St. John´s Church.

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