Arrival in Australia

10. Juli 2008

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After a night flight, we arrived yesterday in the late morning at Sydney airport. There we were welcomed by Mate, the brother of Sr. Danica, who lives in our community in Styria, and by another group of pilgrims, coming from Germany.

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Our welcome in Australia was a great "hullabaloo", but we had to continue our journey to Sawtell / Lismore. And again - 6 hours sitting, now in a bus, but we used the time for singing songs and prayers. On the way, we said good bye and god´s blessings to some other groups. 

In Sawtell, we were warmly welcomed by our host families. But, our main interests were focused on shower and bed!

Today we started with a rich breakfast. Then we were registered at the incumbency and took a city tour, which was very helpful for our orientation.

After a barbeque, we went to the beach nearby. And in the view of such natural beauty, we felt the greatness of god, our lord, to whom we will bring our thanks during the service in the evening.

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