Come with us to the youth festival 2018

13. April 2018

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Every year, the great youth festival (mladi-feast) with more than 55.000 participants from all over the world takes place at Medjugorje (BiH). Come with us!

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We will depart in the evening of Sunday, July 31st and will be back again in the morning of Saturday, August 6th, 2018.

The program of the youth festival will start with the opening service on August 1st, where all participating nations will be presented. During the following days, a mixed program consisting of lectures, musicals, concerts, common prayers and more will be offered, and we will participate together as group. Furthermore, we will climbe the hill of appearance and the hill of the Holy Cross, where we will be at the top at sunrise.

To relax, a da is reserved for swimming and leisure.

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