Eternal profession of Fr. Clemens Brecher

7. September 2015

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On Sunday, Sept. 6th, our community celebrated a big event: Fr. Clemens Brecher said "yes" to a life with God in the community "St. Mary, Queen of Peace". For eternity, he promised to serve God and the church with a life following Jesus and his mother Mary in poverty, celibacy and obidience.

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For this reason, some people came to St. Mary Fatima to accompany Fr. Clemens by this essential step in his life. Besides his family and the brothers and sisters of the community, some friends and acquaintances were present - some from the parish of Maria Lanzendorf, where Fr. Clemens lives and works.

At 3 pm, the ceremony started with the rosary leaded by Fr. Clemens himself. The following service was celebrated by Fr. Ignaz Domej, together with dean Friedrich Weingartmann, Fr. Michele Pezzini, Fr. Hannes Saurugg and some other priests. At the beginning, Fr. Clemens requested to be allowed to give his eternal profession. Then, after the sermon, all saints were appealed for their intercession - during litany Fr. Clemens laid on the floor to demonstrate his devotion. After litany Fr. Clemens promissed his eternal profession.

After the service, all people were invited to an agape. Some used the opportunity to congratulate Fr. Clemens, some promised to pray for him.

Curriculum vitae:                                                                                                                          Fr. Clemens Brecher was born on Sept. 23rd, 1979 at Grambach (Styria/Austria). He was the second of five children. Primary and secondary school he attended at Feldbach. In 2006, he has joined up the community "St. Mary, Queen of Peace", and in 2009 he gave his first temporary profession. In 2013, he finished the external course on theology of the Austrian bishops conference. In the same year, he ended his studies at the conservatory of churchmusics of the diocese Graz-Seckau at the C-level. Since 2013, Fr. Clemens works as pastoral helper in the parish of Maria Lanzendorf (Archdiocese Vienna). On Dec. 19th, his ordination to a persistent deacon is planed.

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