Following the voice of the Blessed Virgin

1. November 2008

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From Oct. 23rd to Oct. 27th 2008, the society "Friends of the Community of St. Mary, Queen of Peace" has organized a pilgrimage of people from Vienna, the Burgenland, Styria and Vorarlberg (Austria) to Medjugorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The pilgrimage was under the auspicies of P. Michele Pezzini.  »to picture gallery  

Early in the morning, the pilgrims started by bus from Vienna, had several pick-up-stops in between, a service at the Fatima Chapel in Styria, and arrived - tired - late in the evening at Medjugorje.

In Medjugorje, P. Michele Pezzini explained the message of our Blessed Virgin given there, the franciscan P. Danko Perutina told the pilgrims, what the Virgin really wants from each of them, from everybody in the whole world, and on Sunday, the 26th of October, the national holiday of Austria, Präl. Dr. Johannes Gamperl, the promotor of the Gospa of Medjugorje, dedicated Austria to the Virgin Mary.

Back in Austria, at the end of the pilgrimage at the Fatima Chapel, P. Michele Pezzini remembered the pilgrims to realize all their feelings, their emotions, their "discoverys" of the last days in their daily lifes - then, the pilgrimage never will come to an end. The answer to the voice of the Blessed Virgin from Medjugorje is our life, our daily life.


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