Good bye, Lismore

13. Juli 2008

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Unfortunately, we have to leave Lismore and our host families there, but the last two days were very nice.

Saturday we spent with our host families in different ways. In the evening,  we came together to our service at the church of Sawtell.

Afterwards, there was a come together of the members of the parish of Sawtell and the pilgrims, who were hosted there. They came from Tonga, the Solomon Islands and, as you know, from Austria. The pilgrims tried to present their home countries, and you can imagine, the Austrians had the "Donauwalzer", the most famous waltz of Johann Strauss, in their luggage. But it was not only danced by the Austrians!

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The day today began with our morning mass, and then we went to the beach for our farewell party.

Tomorrow morning we move off to Sydney, where the Holy Father has already arrived this afternoon.

Please, send a prayer to god for the Holy Father, all the pilgrims and the church of Australia.

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