Something happens today...

23. Oktober 2008

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In our monastery we were very busy today - our program started at half past seven a.m. with the "Laudes", a hymn at the morning, which fullfilled the whole house. »to picture gallery  

After breakfast and cleaning dishes, "hard work" began with making concepts for our visits to the old people, to precise questions, to make strategies for our visits.

Then, after lunch and cleaning dishes again, Jutta went to Mr. S., Kerstin and Sonja visited Mrs. N., and Sandra and Vicky listened to Mr. G.; the old people were very, very kind, talked about their long lifes and tried to give as much information as they could remember.

In the evening, we had our service at the chapel. And then, after eating and cleaning dishes again, we tried to play some typical styrian instruments. Sr. Ivanka and Kerstin played at the harmonica, and we danced - Sr. Renate, the youngest of the nuns, was full in action - and even P. Ignaz enjoyed it.

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