St. Francis-school: Respect to creation

11. November 2010

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At November 11th, 2010, for the St. Francis-school at the Fatima chapel at Trössing / Gnas (Styria) the new year of work 2010/11 has begun: the heading is "St. Francis - brother of all". Br. Hannes Saurugg managed the meeting. In his introduction, he leaded the participants into the topic of the evening "Respect to creation".

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Quite frequently, St. Francis is called the "brother of all", not only of everybody. For him, the whole creations, not only all creatures, are sisters and brothers. Together with them he praises the Lord, the origin of all goodness.

Together with St. Francis, we will try to focus the mystery of creation, the essential questions of human life: Where do I come from? Where am I going to? What is the goal of my life, my destiny?

Aim of the lectures of the new year of work is to elucidate these questions, to find answers in studying the life of St. Francis, in his respect to the creation, to praise God in his creation and to live in his creation in a responsible way.

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