Sydney - On the way to Randwick Racecourse...

18. Juli 2008

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After following the way of the Holy Cross through Sydney, the pilgrims are looking forward now to the weekend with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Yesterday, the Holy Father has already arrived at Barangaroo, where he was welcomed firstly by australian aborigines. In 1814, the first missionary disembarked at the same place - the beginning of christianity in Australia. Although it was very cold, the young pilgrims welcomed the Holy Father with great enthusiasm. In his speech, Benedict XVI. encouraged people present and in the whole world to follow Jesus Christ in their daily life, even on his way to crucification. His tremendous love can be seen most impressively in all the pain he had suffered for us.

And this love is present in Sydney - you can feel it wherever you are!

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Tomorrow, the Holy Father will have some official meetings in Sydney. But we, the pilgrims, will move off to Randwick Racecourse. The night, which we will spend in open air, will be very cold, but the feeling, that we are representing the church of Jesus Christ and millions of christian people in the whole world, will help us. And once, this night will be very important, very valuable in our life.

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