Sydney - We still are on the way...

29. Juli 2008

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The 23rd World Youth Day is over, but still present in the hearts of the participants and in the world. We do know now, that we are not alone on our way, on our pilgrimage on earth.

The pilgrims have already left the Randwick Racecourse, the Holy Father has set off Australia, the press and the public institutions have finished their reports and commentaries. But, has our pilgrimage come to an end, too?

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses" (Acts 1,8). Is this a promise of our Lord only to his apostles, a promise to us? It is much more than that! It is, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI., an appeal, an appeal to believe in the power of God, a power, which we may get from the sacraments of the church. And these sacraments are gifts, most valuable gifts from God to us.

In his speech at the great closing service, Pope Benedict XVI. affirmed the young people to live their lifes in a way that gives place for the spirit of God in a world, where God is forgotten, where God is kept off - sometimes by misunderstandings of human freedom. Furthermore, the Holy Father demanded renewal within the church, renewal which has to come from the young generation, renewal and idealism. The church of our days needs especially the willingness and supply of all talents given by God, the talents of all young people in the world (see Lumen gentium, 4).

For us, the 23rd World Youth Day at Sydney, gave us the power and spirit to be witnesses of the evangel in the world. In our hearts we know, we are still on the way, but we also know, we are going this way together with many other young people.

Now, we are back in Styria / Austria, but we have not forgotten Australia, especially the people - the people, who have hosted us, the people, who have helped us, the people, who were so friendly to us!

!Many, many thanks to all of you - it was such a great time to be with you!


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