Transitus-ceremony at Maria Lanzendorf

5. Oktober 2009

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Following an old franciscan tradition, the community "Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace" remembered the death of St. Francis (Transitus) on the evening before October, 4th.

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On the way from Styria to Maria Lanzendorf, done by bus, we prayed, sang and listened to some legends about St. Francis. After lunch at the monastery of Maria Lanzendorf, there was some time for a visit of the "Kalvarienberg", an arteficial hill from baroque times explaining the way of Jesus Christ to crucification, or for a walk in the monastery garden.

At 3.30 pm, the program started with a lecture on "Reconciliation with God by St. Francis" ("In Jesus Christ reconciliated with the almighty God" - BrOrd. 13) of Br. Hannes.

In his lecture, Br. Hannes pointed out, that the conversion of St. Francis has to be seen in close context to the picture of the cross of San Damiano, where St. Francis has prayed:

"Highest, almighty God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart
and give me true faith,
confirmed hope
and perfect love.
Give me, Lord, sensibility and understanding,
to fulfil Your holy and truly order."

After the lecture, there was a coffee break and time for discussions. At 5.15 pm, the rosary was prayed at the altar of St. Francis, and at 6 pm, the holy mass has begun. 

In front of the painting of J. M. Rottmayr, one of his latest works showing St. Francis stigmatization at La Verna, P. Ignaz explained the popularity of St. Francis in our times - it is the fire of love to God, and sign of this tremendous love was the stigmatization.

Immediately before St. Francis has passed away to God, he said - to all his successors: "I have done my part, yours should be given to you by Christ".

To follow the love of Christ, that is it, what St. Francis has to say in our times!

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