Transitus - decess of St. Francis 2015

5. Oktober 2015

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On Oct. 3rd, the franciscan family remembers the death of St. Francis in order to celebrate his feast next day. As every year, the brothers and sisters of the community "St. Mary, Queen of Peace" and the adjoined oblates came together at the Fatima-chapel at Trössing (Styria / Austria) to celebrate the day of remembrance.

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After rosary, Fr. Ignaz and Fr. Hannes from the community have celebrated the feast-service. The oblates renewed their confessions. Monika Fischer from Deutsch Goritz (Styria) made her confession for the first time. During the following year, she will live her baptism-promises more consciously and, as St. Francis, do more for God and the church.

After the service, the transitus-ceremony remembered the way of St. Francis to the side of eternal life. First of all, the last days of St. Francis, as we know them from Bonaventura, were reflected. After singing some songs and listening to legends about the life of St. Francis, the believers were blessed with remains of St. Francis. Then, the evening ended with an agape in the monastery.

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