World Youth Day Brazil 2013: We sett off...

14. Juli 2013

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...starting from Vienna via Istanbul to Sao Paulo, and via Aparecida to Rio de Janeiro. Many places in few days, many meetings and impressions, many surprises. Thus, the journey to the World Youth Days in Brazil started - for 118 participants from the austrian diocese Graz-Seckau (Styria).

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The journey starts with the flight from Vienna (Austria) to Istanbul (Turkey). After a short night there, we are over the clouds for many hours - on the way to South America. Early in the evening, we are landed in Sao Paulo (Brazil) - for just the next night.

Our way to Rio leads us to Aparecida. There, the St. Mary dedicated sanctuary, is the second lagest catholic church of the world after St. Peter´s in Rome. Nossa Senhora de Aparecida - the black virgin - is the heart of the sanctuary.

Our stay in Rio begins with a visit of the Cristo Redentor - Statue on the top of the Corcovado. Prayers and dances - the "Styrians" show their emotions and are warmly welcomed by other tourists. After wonderful meetings with other people and a lot of pictures, we go by cable car to the top of the Sugarloaf.

On the next day, we visit some tropical islands near Rio per ship. On the third day, everybody makes his own program: some go to the Copacabana for a swim, some visit the Maracana Stadium, a small group visits the sights of the town. In the evening, we go by plane to Recife.

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