Youth evening in March, 2011: Message for you

1. April 2011

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On Friday, March 25th, 2011, there was a youth evening at the monastery of St. Mary Fatima - especially with regard to Lent. The main topic of the evening was: "Message for you - Botschaft für dich".

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The evening began, as usual, with the eucharistic adoration at 7.00 p.m., well prepared by young people from Mureck (Styria).

After an "agape", a short come together with the possibility to choose between the following workshops (see below), Sr. Ivanka told the young people, how the message of God reached her personally and how her life was changed.

Then, the young people were busy with various subjects such as "Source of faith", "Mary´s Child", "New way", "Freedom for...", "Bread of live" and "Praise the Lord".

After a procession, during which the young people held candles in their hands, many of them remained in the church, still praying and singing songs.

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