Our message

At the eucharistic service, the most intimate meeting, the most intimate contact between Jesus Christ and man happens. By the eucharist, the community and each single member of it should be "transformed", should be "converted" and admit, that these deep feelings of change determine the whole day and daily life. By his cruel and violent death at the cross, Jesus converted His death into an act of love - the greatest ever been seen.

Celebrating the eucharist mystery, this process of transformation is spread to us. We are implicated into Jesus Christs devotion to the world, we are converted to repel violence in the world and to be witnesses of peace.

The prayer below expresses our feelings and should help us to realize them in daily life:

Lord, make me a supporter of Your peace,
to love, wherever is hate;
to forgive, wherever is offence;
to harmonize, wherever is quarrel;
to say the truth, wherever is fault;
to bring faith, wherever is doubt;
to give hope, wherever is despair;
to bring light, wherever is darkness;
to bring gladness, wherever is sadness.

Lord, let me try, not, to be consoled but to console;
not, to be understood, but to understand;
not, to be loved, but to love.

Because, everbody who gives himself will receive;
who neglects himself will find;
who forgives, him will be forgiven;
and everybody who dies will awake to everlasting life. Amen.