25th youth festival Medjugorje 2014 - farewell

5. August 2014

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On Gospa´s birthday, we have spent a further blessed day at Medjugorje before we started our journey back home after holy mass in the evening.

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Our last day began as usual at 7.30 am - after a short night - with the laudes. After breakfast we joined the program at the place behind the church. Some participants used lunchtime for buying their last mementos or some supplies for the journey back during the night.

The afternoon-program was accompanied by a very impressiv natural spectacle: a thunderstorm in the sourroundings, but,thanks God, it passed away and only few raindrops came down.

During holy mass, instead of intercessions a linen of 100 m lenght was brought to the altar. On the linen young people had written their whishes, their thoughts, their thanks.

Confirmed in our religious faith, we started at 10.00 pm our jozrney back home.

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