27th youth festival Medjugorje 2016 - day 1

2. August 2016

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On August 1st, 2016, the 27th youth festival of Medjugorje was opened. The main topic of the festival was "Be merciful" (Lk 6,36). A group of young people from Styria, accompanied by Fr. Clemens Brecher and Fr. Ignaz Domej, took part, too.

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Early in the morning of August 1st, our group arrived at Medjugorje. Together with a group from Vienna, they went up the Mountain of Appearance to welcome the Mother of God and to beg her protection.

In the evening, the official opening was celebrated with a holy mass. At the beginning, all participating nations were introduced and welcomed. Christine and Julian from our group welcomed the Austrians with the words: "Be merciful". The evening program was finished by an eucharistic adoration.

Next morning, the official program started at 6.00am at the Mountain of Appearance with the rosary. Our group started the day with the laudes.

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