Pilgrimage to Loreto - Assisi - La Verna (Italy) 2011

16. Juni 2011

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From June 6th to 10th, 2011, pilgrims from Maria Lanzendorf, Vienna, Burgenland and Styria (Austria) followed the marks of St. Francis and St. Clara in Italy.

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On the way to Assisi, we visited Loreto where the "House of Nazareth" can be seen.

In Assisi we visited San Francesco with the famous frescos of Giotto di Bondone, where we had a holy mass, Santa Chiara, San Francesco Piccolino (place, where S. Francis was born), Chiesa Nuova and San Rufino (place, where St. Francis and St. Clara were baptized). In direct neighbourhood to San Rufino, there is the former home of St. Clara.

At San Damiano, in 1225 St. Francis wrote his "Great Hymn to Aten". In Santa Maria degli Angeli, we visited the "Portiunkula"-chapel and the place, where St. Francis has died.

In the surroundings, we visited Eremo delle Carceri and, on the way back to Austria, La Verna.

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