Sydney - Give evidence of the evangel...

21. Juli 2008

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is the first and most important duty of the church in our time, said the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. to the young people at the Randwick Racecourse.

It is a great responsibility to be a witness of the evangel, and the responsibility is especially delivered up to the young people all over the world. The Holy Father called to mind, that the apostle John was very young too, when he stood at the cross of Jesus Christ, where Jesus confided his mother to him. And now, Jesus confides his church, his evangel to the young people to spread it and to live it - on each place in the world.

At the 23rd World Youth Day, we could feel how much and deep religious faith connects people - people of different nations, colours, origin. To connect people was one of the main aims of the late Pope John Paul II., too. He always intended to cut off the roots of suppression and dissatisfaction by understanding and fairness, by saying "yes" to life, to life in God.

Here in Sydney, young people came together to pray, to worship God! More than half a million were at the final service - and they all gave a sign, a great sign of the evidence of God!


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