Transitus at St. Mary Fatima 2017

3. Oktober 2017

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On October 3rd, together with the oblates and friends of our community we have celebrated the decess of St. Francis at St. Mary Fatima (Styria/Austria).

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The evening prayers began eith the rosary and the holy mass. Then, the decess of St. Francis as reported by St. Bonaventura, was contemplated and some assays on St. Francis life were given. Very contiguous was the legendabout St. Francis lteaching a shep to pray.

The feast of St. Francis was a special day for our oblates, too. The spiritual family of our community was increased by some new members. The FRAJU - a group of young people - renewed their promisses to live in accordance to the rules given by God and a new member was welcomed, too.

The evening ended with blessings with a relic of the saint and a come together at our monastery.

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