Youth evening in October , 2009

28. Oktober 2009

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The first youth evening of the school-year 2009/10 was prepared by Angelika Hirschenberger, together with the youth-choir of Bierbaum (Styria).

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At 7.00 pm the youth evening has been started with few opening words at the Fatima chapel. After a short introduction to the topic of the evening, "prayers", the eucharistic adoration followed. Some thoughts about "desert-times" in prayers and in the relationship to God were carried out. Telling the story of Elija (1 Kings, 19,4-8), Angelika pointed out the figure of the angel, and that in everybodys life such angels exist to give them courage enough to take the bread of life.

After the eucharistic adoration, the third birthday of the youth evenings was celebrated - with a big birthday cake! And the traditional movie followed.

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