Youth evening on March 28th, 2009

29. März 2009

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The youth evening on March, 29th, was performed by the youth organization of Feldbach (Styria/Austria), together with Cpl. Gerald Wohleser und pastoral assistent Michaela Baumgartner.
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In the afternoon, before the youth evening startet, the candidates for confirmation of the parish Edelsbach have visited our monastery. Within a short time, the young people got to know how there is the daily life in our monastery. Two nones answered all their questions - and soon a conversation in a nice atmosphere has been developed between them and their guests.

The chapel was crowded when the youth evening started at 7 p.m. with the eucharistic adoration. Jesus Christus in the Host was the main topic of the adoration - to take cognizance of him, to get to know him.

After the service, there was an "Agape", a come together, at the monastery. During the whole evening, Parson Franz Neumüller und P. Ignaz Domej were present for those young people who wanted to go to confession and those, who just wanted to talk about their problems.

In the main hall of our monastery, the film „Pane della vita, Brot des Lebens“ ("Bread of Life") of the community Cenacolo was shown. The musical tells the story of life and pain of Jesus Christ, performed by young people with drug abuse background, who have found a new hope, a new life in Jesus Christ.


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